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Premium Limousine Service

Premium Limousine Service

Premium Limousine Service As Vohey Tourism, we are a professional company that provides services in order to meet the travel needs of our valued customers living in or coming to Istanbul in the best way possible and to provide the best service and comfort to our valued guests.

We serve our guests from all over the world, who come to our country for visits and business meetings, with our luxurious and comfortable vehicles, our friendly and foreign language-speaking staff, who perform the service in the most professional way, and our experience that has served in the sector for years and gained over the years.

With our services such as premium limousine service, luxury car rental in Istanbul, vip car rental, we are always ready at more than 100 locations in Istanbul and at the same time, we are working hard every day to be the best quality vip minibus rental company in its field within the scope of covid-19 measures.

We can understand from recent statistics that the premium limousine service has become a popular service in Istanbul and the surrounding cities.

Reputable business people from the business world, young people who want to spend a special day and want to feel special, tourists who need travel and people who prefer a luxury car rental in Istanbul are constantly using this service.

As a vip car rental company, we pay great attention to the training and discipline of our drivers and the cleaning, maintenance and disinfection of our vehicles within the scope of covid-19 measures.



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Istanbul Limousine Transfer - Car With Driver - VIP Transfer4.8.2023

[…] Istanbul Limousine Transfer services are often used for special events such as weddings, proms, and corporate events, as well as for airport transfers and city tours. They can be booked in advance and are typically more expensive than traditional taxi or shuttle services due to the added luxury and exclusivity. […]


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