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The vehicles used in the VIP transfer service are more comfortable and more spacious than other transportation vehicles. You can easily reach any place you want without any luggage restrictions. The service fee of the VIP transfer is notified to the passengers at the time of booking. At the end of the journey, you will not encounter any extra charges.

We offer a comprehensive service in terms of safety, comfort and quality with Mercedes Vito, Mercedes Viano, Mercedes V Tourer, Volkswagen Transporter and Volkswagen Caravelle branded vip minibuses and high-end luxury cars to our customers who want to receive private transportation services for their individual and corporate travels.

We know that it is difficult to travel in Istanbul due to the tourists flocking to our country from all over the world lately and you want to travel comfortably with your family. For this reason, we carry our guests who come to Istanbul comfortably with our minivan rental service in Istanbul. Renting a luxury minivan in Istanbul is a travel option preferred by those who want to have a comfortable journey

VIP Transfer Services

When it comes to travel, luxury and convenience are paramount. With VIP transfer and private transportation services, you can enjoy a truly exceptional and hassle-free journey. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, these services offer a level of comfort and personalized attention that sets them apart.

VIP transfer services provide a seamless transition from your arrival point to your desired destination. With professional chauffeurs and high-end vehicles, you can experience the ultimate in luxury and style. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the sophisticated ambiance as you’re whisked away to your destination.

Private Transportation Services

Private transportation services offer the flexibility and freedom to explore at your own pace. Whether you’re visiting landmarks, attending meetings, or exploring the city’s hidden gems, having a private vehicle at your disposal allows you to tailor your itinerary to your preferences.

Say goodbye to the constraints of public transportation and enjoy the convenience of a dedicated vehicle. With VIP transfer and private transportation services, luxury and comfort are at the forefront.

From plush seating to state-of-the-art amenities, every detail is carefully considered to enhance your travel experience. Indulge in the opulence of a premium vehicle and enjoy a smooth and stylish journey. Safety and reliability are of utmost importance.

With experienced chauffeurs and well-maintained vehicles, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re in capable hands. Sit back and relax as your professional driver navigates the roads with expertise.

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49 reviews
S Dhaneswaran Subramaniam11.1.2024

I really had a great experience with the car and especially my driver yasir. He really puts a lot of effort to show the place. I really feel save with his deive as well. I hope to see yasir again in my next trip. Thank you

Vohey Turizm

thank you for your nice comment.

khalid mahmood18.12.2023

Really great service by Arslan and team, the car is very good, clean and in a great condition. he is welcoming and helpful, and has been there on time.

Vohey Turizm

thank you for your nice comment.

Sagarika Emmaneni12.12.2023

Rehman was a professional driver who had amazing knowledge of istanbul and it's surroundings. He was a driver and a tour guide in one. He took great care of us and was very flexible with our schedule and stops. Thank you for your service

Vohey Turizm

thank you for your nice comment.

Nina Jerse12.12.2023

If you need a car with a driver you won't regret it. They reply fast. I orderd the car an hour before and they arranged it on time. The driver Mr. Abdul was a good company. He even helped me to search for flower shops which we were visiting for a half a day. Very sweet and respectul. I felt safe with him and enjoyed the half day ride in istanbul a lot. I will use their services every time I will come back.

Vohey Turizm

thank you for your nice comment.


Amazing Company! Asma was great with finding the car I wanted and Omar was great with his help with pick up. All in all 10/10 will definitely be back!

ömer bilgiç

thank you for your nice comment.

Joseph Virtue-Haughton23.11.2023

It is a very nice company, beautiful cars!! And fast communication. They are available day and night true whatsapp or by phone and thinks along about solutions. We will definitely come back!

Vohey Turizm

thank you for your nice comment.

Siddesh Bhagat23.11.2023

We are glad to hear that you liked our services. VIP Rent a Car looks forward to serve you again in the future.

Vohey Turizm

thank you for your nice comment.


De chauffeur Mohammed was erg beleefd en vriendelijk. De chauffeur is erg behulpzaam en doet er alles aan om alles gemakkelijk te maken voor je. Hij is ook altijd bereikbaar voor vragen en/of eventuele problemen. De service die ik van de chauffeur Mohamed heb gehad is het zeker waard om hier een auto te huren.


Хорошая компания правильно работающая с российскими клиентами В марте этого года брал у них две машины- сначала минивэн, затем маленький SUV Отличие от остальных - возможность оплаты депозита в рублях через российский банк Состояние машин - отличное Чистые и без запаха На следующий год / Inshalla/ если понадобится машина- конечно только у них

Vohey Turizm

thank you for your nice comment.

Sayed Ahmed15.11.2023

Extraordinary service something you will not see except from company like this New cars Clean Quick service I will recommend it for everyone

Vohey Turizm

thank you for your nice comment.


This is a review only about the renting and delivery of car. Most rental agencies only start rentals from the following day. However, within about 2 hours I was able to find and rent a car from Yeti. The car I chose was unavailable so they gave me a free upgrade, which was amazing. Free delivery within turkey, I didn’t have to wait long for the car. Muhammad delivered the car, he was extremely polite, positive, helpful and tried to get through the paperwork as quick as possible. I felt he was trying to help me with all the important info and not just telling me the usual script. Thank you Muhammad. Great experience so far.

Vohey Turizm

thank you for your nice comment.


Ребята оперативно забронировали мне машину, я еще покапризничала насчет моделей и цвета авто))), спокойно все отработали. Машину подали к отелю в Дубае, возвращала в Абу-Даби. Всё доступно объяснили по возврату, аренде, парковкам, депозитам, штрафам. Машина была чистая, бесплатно дали детское кресло. Оплату за машину приняли картой, оформленной в России (Union Pay), депозит оставила переводом на Сбер (невероятно удобно))), но можно оплатить и наличными на месте. Депозит пока не вернули, срок еще не вышел, жду)) учерена все будет хорошо)). Переписывалась с Сандаром на русском языке, обслуживал меня Saber - все четко, быстро и очень вежливо. Рекомендую данную компанию. Ребятам успеха и отличных клиентов!

Vohey Turizm

thank you for your nice comment.


Great welcome service, Saber was very precise in explaining all the terms and conditions and very kind in giving some extra advises about what to see and other tips. Also we were upgraded with a very cool car with no extra fee. Thank you!

Vohey Turizm

thank you for your nice comment.


Брали несколько машин- все хорошо! Русскоговорящий сотрудник Санжар все вопросы решает оперативно! Крайний раз оформлял нам машину Мохаммед-вежливый и отзывчивый! Спасибо команде!

Vohey Turizm

thank you for your nice comment.


Hello! I've been following your site for a while now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Austin Texas! Just wanted to say keep up the great job!


thank you for the service was wonderful

Vohey Turizm

thank you for your nice comment.


Все было на высшем уровне. Приехали в аэропорт. Машина уже ждала нас. Водитель встретил все объяснил. Первый раз попробовал аренду электромобиля ещё и в Дубае. Остался очень довольный! Ещё и в Теслу Long range влез весь огромный багаж нас и вся наша большая семья. Рекомендую!! Потом прилетели наши друзья и мы решили продолжить путешествия на Ниссане Патрол. Очень вместительная и мощная машина для поездки на дальние дистанции большой компанией. Вернул в аэропорту. Ни одной заминки!

Vohey Turizm

thank you for your nice comment.


Great Experience with Yeti Team, they are professionals and understands customers needs, delivering above and beyond. The whole process was seamless and smooth, took a car for rent within 20 minutes.

Vohey Turizm

thank you for your nice comment.


I searched for a car rental which actually returns deposits for months, came across Yeti and gave it a try because of good reviews. Honestly, they never disappointed! Car delivery and drop off were smooth, car condition was immaculate, deposit returned on time without any deduction, communications were always prompt and clear. If anyone asks me for a car rental recommendation I would strongly suggest Yeti!

Vohey Turizm

thank you for your nice comment.


Yeti ile harika bir deneyim. Kiralama sürecini çok kolaylaştırıyorlar ve arabayı iade etmeyi de 0 acıya dönüştürüyorlar! Bay Ahmed kira talebimle ilgileniyordu ve çok yardımcı oldu. Muhammed evimden arabayı alıp/bırakıyor çok kibar. Hizmetlerini tavsiye etmek ve derecelendirmek için 5 yıldız yeterli değildir. Hizmetlerini tekrar kullanırdım ? Vohey ekibine çok teşekkür ederim

İhsan aydin28.9.2023

Konforuna düşkün olanlar kesinlikle tercih etsin. Hizmet çok iyi.

Mikail Kahraman28.9.2023

Gerçekten bu hizmet hiç bir yerde yok. Konfor hijyen en üst seviyede


Çok Profesyoneller verdikleri hizmetten memnun kalmamak elde değil

Leyla Aykar28.9.2023

Vip hizmet diye söyledikleri tamamen doğru

Emirhan Alper Semerci28.9.2023

Tam da bu tarz da bir kiralama hizmetine ihtiyacım vardı çok teşekkür ediyorum


Ulaşım hizmeti konusunda gerçekten çok iyi yardımcı oluyorsunuz

Hasan tek27.9.2023

Vip hizmetini gerçekten mükemmel çok iyi bir şekilde yolculuk hizmeti veriyorsunuz

Masna Ahmad3.9.2023

5 star service thank you very much for everything you made my holiday


thank you

Cathy Abrams3.9.2023

Thank you very much for the sevrice it was great time will tell all my friends to book from you.

Latanya Burrajé1.9.2023

Thank you very much, im very lucky to find you guys on google and had your service

Emre Yılmaz1.9.2023

Çok kaliteli vip ben sevdim. İşlerinde iyiler. İlgilendiler. Çok teşekkürler.

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