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Topkapi Palace Museum

Topkapi Palace Museum

Topkapi Palace Museum is the oldest and largest of the palaces that have survived to the present day in the world. It was built by Fatih Sultan Mehmet between 1460-1478 after the conquest of Istanbul.

Topkapı Palace, which was built and expanded with new additions over time, was used as the administrative center of the empire and the residence of the sultans for about 380 years.

Topkapi palace covers an area of 7000 m2; There are pavilions, mansions, government offices, dormitories for the people of the palace, mosques, libraries and a large kitchen.

The part that attracts the most attention of the visitors in Topkapı Palace is the harem section. The harem was built on a sloping land and has undergone constant changes for 400 years and took its current appearance.

Of the officials who look after the management of the harem; Apart from the apartments each of which has many sections, such as the darussade apartment, the concubines apartment and the hospital, the crown prince and the valide sultan’s apartment, the princes’s apartment and the favorites apartment, there is also a sultan’s apartment.

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